Everything Begins With Gratitude

I am beyond grateful to all of you for joining this creative journey I am on.  It's not easy to support someone else's passion all the time and so I am humbled to have friends and family who choose to ride along with me as I stumble, juggle and work hard to share my music with the world.  The journey has been long thanks to some inspiring detours along the way, like making a baby times 3 and my invention, Tiffie Sleeves® which I just could not walk away from and I continue to enjoy making Tiffie a huge success.  But detours have allowed me to write more and really dive deep into the craft of sharing pieces of me with all of you.  I pray your days are filled with laughter, love, light and gratitude.

With love and appreciation ~


Notes From TC

Hey Friends!!! 

You may have noticed we've pulled music from the player and wanted to let you know it only means the good stuff is coming!  In the next couple of months, I will be releasing several music videos, my first radio single to be announced, a special digital download release with a philanthropic give back for the entire month of October and will also be releasing my first Christmas single!!!  So there are a lot of amazing things to come and I so appreciate all the support and incredible patience while I've beenRead more

It's a Girl Thing 

I had fun with this one and I liked that it was a girly song of sorts talking about all the things we like (there is a lot more to us I know, but I only had 3.50 minutes to say it!). Even though we are all different, we Girls have a fundamentally joint love and appreciation for fashion, shoes, sports, friends, family and love. 

This song reflects my girly side for sure.  I have a shoe obsession, I admit it!!!  I'm not sure what the current count is in my closet but let's just say I have shelves.  Give me a… Read more

The Journey Begins 

It seems like I've been on this road forever and I guess I have really.  I've been singing since I was little girl and began "riting somewhere around 4th or 5th grade and have been playing the piano since my Grandma Katie taught me my first chord.  I began playing by ear, a blessing and a curse.  Years of lessons followed and I composed my first tune while in 5th grade.  I got busted singing into a brush somewhere around the same time; it was Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All and I swung around to findRead more

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