Her Story

Sensual. Resilient. Alluring. Tiffany Carlen, a singer/songwriter, possesses a rich tapestry of history, unwavering determination, and a profound devotion to family and faith. She exudes both fearlessness and modesty, infusing her writing with raw passion and unfiltered honesty. Her voice is a tempest that seems to wrest her very soul away, yet she maintains a playful, flirtatious, and downright humorous demeanor. Beyond her roles as a wife, mother, and friend, Tiffany is a formidable woman who thrives by empowering other women, armed with dreams and potent instruments—a pen and a microphone.

Tiffany Carlen's roots extend from her birthplace in New Jersey to the rural landscapes of Illinois, where her grandmother, Katie Dunn Carlen, nurtured seven children and ignited Tiffany's earliest musical inspiration. As part of the renowned Dunn Sisters Trio, Katie was celebrated for her yodeling and Western songwriting, playing guitar for legends like Roy Rogers in her youth. Tiffany proudly carries forward this musical legacy.

"I possess an old soul with contemporary boldness, a spirit that permeates my lyrics. I hold nothing back."

Tiffany's vocal style bears the indelible mark of her mother, Jane, whose infectious love for Patsy Cline and unyielding determination left an enduring imprint on her daughter. Tiffany's distinctive sound is a mélange of influences from her diverse geographical experiences, blending the passion of blues with the soul of country music, resulting in a style that is genuine, stirring, and enjoyable.

Over the years, Tiffany has graced the stages of opulent venues, thrived as the lead singer of a band, achieved entrepreneurial success, and embarked on the journey of motherhood. Her debut album, aptly named "It's a Girl Thing," is available now. The title track is an infectious, spirited anthem celebrating the woman within every woman. Tiffany recognizes that women cherish many things, including the pursuit of their desires, and she tirelessly works toward these aspirations every day.

"I get what I want not because I feel entitled, but because I persist. I overcome obstacles, yearn for change, 

and unapologetically pursue it!"

Her aspiration is to leave a legacy for her daughter and young girls, encouraging them to believe in themselves, shatter glass ceilings, and understand that the word "NO" is not a roadblock but merely a detour sign leading to a wiser path paved with determination.